Sell at the Highest Price

Avoid making small mistakes!

Through out my journey on real estate, I have documented the various factors that make the selling price flutuate. We know already know from our previous article, that the renovations are short term investments. But let's talk about the other factors. 

  • Panic Selling: Periodically we have to sell fast and we can't help that. However, even then we can do it right and avoid the low offers that can happen. We know the market and know how to list homes to get them sold without pressure.
  • Shine from Top to Bottom: Cosmetic improvements usually cost very little but can add so much. Remember the saying: You can never have a 2nd chance at a 1st impression.  Sometimes spending $1,000 can bring in an extra $4,000. Let us help you get that ready.
  • It's not about you: Never get personally involved with the offers. The buyer simply wants the best deal they can get and so would you. We work our offers to get the most dollars possible.
  • Show the Flaws-Lessen the complaints: Reduces the chance of the buyer renegotiating during the conditional period. Removes the need for a condition in an offer and Shows a tremendous level of trust the buyer has with you since you are so up front in disclosing repairs.

All of these can add up to big dollars. Just follow our simple instructions and you will get the maximum return on investment.