Easy Fix-Ups Before Selling Your Home

Some easy fix-ups before selling your home

1. If rooms have a dark coloured paint consider repainting with neutral colours

2. Soiled carpeting should be shampooed and if worn badly consider replacing or check with us on what's good today. It might be better to replace with a hardwood, ceramic or laminate.

3. If hardwood floors are badly worn consider re-finishing them. Please be sure to use a professional as you can seriously damage your floors if you are not experienced. If floors had previously been refinished there may not be enough thickness left to do them again. Call us and we can advise.

4. Clean all light fixtures and especially chandeliers.

5. It's always good to leave ceiling fans on at a low level.

6. Consider purchasing attractive light switch and electrical outlet covers.

7. Make the Kitchen and Bathrooms SHINE. Appliances should sparkle. These are two of the most important rooms in the sale of a home.

8. Clean out closet items that will not be used. We would rather see some boxes in the basement showing you are packing than see closets full.

9. Get things done as soon as possible to help lessen panic at the time of putting the home on the market. Allow us to come and help by viewing your home and making suggestions that we know will sell the home.