The 8 Biggest Selling Mistakes

Considering selling soon?  

You have to be one step ahead of the competition and we'll help you do that.


#1 Over Priced

Pricing a home properly will be the major factor in selling. A home overpriced discourages buyers from even looking. The agents that show an overpriced home are frequently justifying the price of your competition and using  yours as a basis to get an offer on another home.


#2 Tired Property

Most buyers don't want to have to fix a home up. Being able to say "Move In Condition" makes a home far more attractive. Those buyers that are willing to look at a home that needs work are simply looking for a bargain and we adjust their offer price according to the cost and their inconvenience.


#3 First Impressions

We have all heard you never get a second chance to make a first impression and that also holds true in real estate. We frequently tell our buyers that they will know it's their home as soon as they walk in the door. Make your home warm and pleasant. Make the buyer feel "at home" with a great first impression.


#4 TLC

Tender Loving Care by using elbow grease is very effective in selling. If you can clean each room top to bottom you can frequently get away without painting. Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms. Make sure the fridge and stove and dishwasher shine. Cupboard handles must be finger print free.


#5 Over-Improving

There is only ONE reason for over-improving and that is Personal Enjoyment. If you over-improve there's a good chance you will have to suffer a loss of your costs as buyers frequently will not pay for those extra things over and above the rest of the area.


#6 Not Using Professional Advice

What about a Home Staging person. Not using one could cost you money. This has become extremely attractive and certainly does a wonderful job in helping to see another person's point of view on arranging furniture, pictures and other décor so it is more attractive to the buyers. Home Staging companies usually increase the value of the sale by far more than the cost of their services. Contact us for a list of home stagers in your area.


#7 Take a Hike

Try not to get in the way of a showing. Never walk with the agent showing your home. You are naturally wanting the agent to point out all your features, however it is not those features that sell the house. The layout, room sizes and location are what the buyer is interested in. Those extra features are certainly a bonus but rarely make the sale. If an open house is scheduled it is best to leave the home during the open house time.


#8 Low Offers

Sometimes folks get insulted with low offers. We have seen so many of those low offers turn into sales that we know enough to always work the offer and try to get the buyer up to your price range. Buyers are simply trying to get the best deal possible so we just ask you work with us and try to put the offers together.